About Safety at the School of Chemistry

It is the aim of the School of Chemistry , at the University of Melbourne to protect and promote the health and safety of all of its members in order to allow them to pursue their work and study goals in a work environment that is safe and without risks to health.The School of Chemistry’s OH&S Support Officer, Kate Nowell, manages the Safety Office and programs at the School.The School has its own Safety Manual, which contains recommended and compulsory procedures and processes. Copies of the manual can be found on the Chemistry shared drive or can be obtained from Kate Nowell. Note that the Safety Manual is under constant review and development.

University Occupational Health & Safety forms and guidance material can be found here.

University of Melbourne OH&S and Injury Management

The University Health & Safety office assists University faculties, schools and departments with identifying OH&S risks and provides advice on a range of occupational health & safety aspects, including ergonomic assessments, manual handling and workplace inspections.

School’s Safety website

This website contains safety information appropriate to the School of Chemistry. Visitors to these pages are welcome, but should be aware that the information may not be legally valid in other institutions or other countries and therefore should be treated as examples only. Every effort has been made to ensure that factual information is accurate but we disclaim any responsibility if it is not. Furthermore, parts of the School’s Safety Manual consists of links to sources of information at other sites where similar disclaimers may apply.

For further information about the School’s safety procedures, contact Kate Nowell on (+613 8344 0548) or at knowell@unimelb.edu.au