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Faculty of Science : School of Chemistry

Reactions producing toxic gases

Reactions between the chemicals in column 1 and 2 can produce the highly toxic gases shown in
column 3 below.

Column 1
Column 2
Highly toxic gas produced
Arsenic compounds Any reducing agent Arsine
Azides Acidic compounds Hydrogen azide
Cyanides Acidic compounds Hydrogen cyanide
Hypochlorites Acidic compounds Chlorine or hypochlorous acid
Nitrates Sulfuric acid Nitrogen dioxide
Nitric acid Copper, brass, any heavy metals Nitrogen dioxide (nitrous fumes)
Nitrites Acidic compounds Nitrous fumes
Phosphorus Caustic alkalis or reducing agents Phosphine
Selenides Reducing agents Hydrogen selenide
Sulfides Acidic compounds Hydrogen sulfide
Tellurides Reducing agents Hydrogen telluride


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